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About Us


Klemtu and the Kitasoo/Xaixais opened their doors to tourists in 1996 when the first passenger ferry in 19 years landed in its beautiful harbour. Since this time Klemtu has been offering cultural tours of Klemtu Village, fishing tours and tours to view the Spirit bear. Now, Klemtu Tourism is offering several exciting ecotours to attract and embrace tourism to its community and territory. Klemtu Tourism offers sensational opportunities for nature lovers, sea kayakers, fishermen, and those wishing to learn about Native culture. All aspects of our tours are given thoughtful consideration with the goal of producing the best possible experience for our guests. We have had the privilege to host guests from every corner of the globe on our unique ecotours and each year many of our guests are repeat customers. Our tours are physically and mentally satisfying vacations that are structured to be both safe and fun.

The development of Klemtu Tourism is central to the future safeguarding of the Great Bear Rainforest. It allows the community of Klemtu to derive an income and employment from the rainforest without having to destroy it. By being locally owned and controlled by a native community, the company is a rare example of genuine ecotourism. One hundred percent of the jobs and economic benefits accrue to the community and the Kitasoo/Xaixais people and the community has a direct say in how tourism in the region is managed.

Klemtu Tourism works closely with several environmental/conservation groups as well as Universities and scientists involved in the area. We share ideas and work together in many areas, whether it’s conducting on the ground research, such as bear monitoring, or receiving input in our tourism policy, or educating visitors about resource issues and minimum impact travel. We also often invite Rainforest campaigners onto the tours to educate our guests about local environmental issues, campaigns and projects. Because the company is owned and operated by a First nations community we also try to educate tour guests about the socio-economic realities of living in a remote coastal community and mitigating some of the Native stereotypes. There is still a lot of poverty in Klemtu when compared to North American standards. We don’t try to hide this or make excuses. Rather, we educate visitors about the local issues.

Klemtu Tourism is taking active steps to try and manage tourism activity in the region. We are in the process of developing a Sustainable Tourism Policy and an Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) Framework for our operations. Part of these initiatives will involve the development of guidelines to ensure that vulnerable wildlife like the spirit bears and their habitat remain undisturbed. Klemtu Tourism is also trying to engage other companies operating in the area to join in these initiatives and to work with the Klemtu community. We hope that through these efforts in ecotourism development that Klemtu Tourism will become a major player in the sustainable development of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Two highly trained guides with many years of experience accompany all trips. At least one guide will be local to Klemtu. Guides are multi-talented outdoors people and are long time explorers of Kitasoo/Xaixais Traditional Territory. They are knowledgeable experts about the areas cultural and natural history and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. Our guides are trained and certified in first aid and hold all other appropriate industry certification. Some hold degrees in natural sciences and/or other disciplines.

Tour Food
Food on our tours is a key element. We use the freshest available ingredients to prepare wilderness gourmet meals, which are wholesome and hearty. We will also provide high-energy snacks and drinks throughout the day. Whenever possible we will harvest fresh seafood from the surrounding waters. With advance notice most dietary requests can be accommodated. Please indicate special dietary requests and allergies on your registration form provided in the confirmation package. For further information about diets and allergies please contact our office.

All Klemtu Tourism tours use our custom designed coastal huts. These are new huts, which have been built, in traditional style. The coastal huts are situated at beautiful secluded wilderness locations in the Kitasoo/Xaixais Traditional Territory including Kitasu Bay, Fjordlands and the Inside Passage. Each hut can accommodate 12 guests. Complete hut amenities include a wood stove, propane cooking stove, cooking and eating utensils, and pit toilets. In addition to using the Kitasu Bay hut, the Waters of the Kitasoo sea kayak tour will include a camping component. Our camps are modern and comfortable. We use high-quality three season tents by Sierra Designs™ and Thermarest™ pads, and a bombproof tarping system to keep guests warm and dry.

Local transportation
For tour transportation and shuttles we use a safe and comfortable water taxi style of vessel. This is a high-speed craft that can access the natural and cultural sites quickly and easily. We also use a tender so we can access some of the more sensitive wildlife sites with minimal noise.

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