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About Klemtu

Klemtu is a small village on Swindle Island, situated on the beautiful Central Coast of British Columbia, half-way between Port Hardy, on Vancouver Island, and Prince Rupert.

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Two distinct tribal organizations live here: the Kitasoo (Tsimshian) who were originally from Kitasu Bay and the Xaixais of Kynoc Inlet. The Kitasoo/Xaixais people are the only permanent residents within the traditional territories of the First Nation. Four clans and crests are the foundation of the cultures-Gaanhaanda (Raven), Gispudwada (Killer Whale), Laxgeek (Eagle), and Laxgibu (Wolf).

Kitasoo/Xaisxais Chiefs

Many, many years ago, the Kitasoo and Xaixais people came to settle here in Klemdulxk (Klemtu) meaning 'blocked passage' in the Tsimshian language. This area was first their camping site along the way for trade, and then later used for trading and providing cordwood to fuel the steamships which traveled the inside passage. Today, Klemtu is a close knit community of about 400 Kitasoo and Xaixais people surrounded by breathtaking scenery and an abundant natural food supply. This is a place where life is peaceful and the people are friendly. Upon arrival to Klemtu you will be greeted by the friendly community and throughout your stay you will be exposed to the rich culture of the Kitasoo/ Xaixais people and gain an insight into this remote village that was once a bustling coastal fishing and trading centre.

Kitasoo/Xaixais Traditional Territory
Klemtu and the Kitasoo/Xaixais Traditional Territory lie in the heart of the beautiful Great Bear Rainforest on the Central Coast of British Columbia. Snow-capped peaks, deep fjords, open beaches, and temperate rainforests dominate the local landscape. Since the last ice age this area has been largely uninhabited except for the Kitasoo/Xaixais people who have thrived here for thousands of years in one of the richest, most diverse ecosystems on earth. As we explore this magnificent traditional home of the Kitasoo/Xaixais First Nation, guests will be treated to the many ecological and cultural features including the famous rare Spirit bears. This area is host to many species of wildlife including grizzly bears and black bears, wolves, marine mammals and many species of birds. The area also has a rich native cultural history. There are over one hundred documented ancient cultural sites including abandoned native villages, fish traps, culturally modified trees and middens.

Kitasoo/Xaixais Land Management Plan
In June of 2000, The Kitasoo/Xaixais First Nation adopted a landmark Land Use Plan, which sets aside 40% of their Traditional Territory as Protected Area. The primary objective of this initiative will be to protect cultural and bio-diversity values, recreational resources and key habitats of endangered species like the Spirit Bear, which makes its home in the Kitasoo/Xaixais Territory. The protected areas of the Land Use Plan, known to the Kitasoo/Xaixais as Nakami Weld, will be protected from logging, mining and other resources extraction and will be used by our people for food gathering, traditional uses, and ecotourism. The remaining 60% of the Traditional Territory will be designated as Integrated Use Areas and will be managed according to ecosystem based priciples. Lands and resources in the integrated use areas will be utilized in a sustainable way so as to create jobs and economic development opportunities while conserving our culture, wildlife and fisheries.

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